We keep a stock of live bait on hand (during season) for those die hard fishermen and women. However, if your group would like a large order (more than 4-6 dozen - minnow and or shiners) please let us know so we can make sure to have plenty on hand.
Bait Pricing*
Red Worms $3.00 / box   Meal Worms $1.75 / box
Shiners $7.00 / doz   Tuffies $1.45 / doz
Night Crawlers $3.50 / box   Wax Worms $2.00
Crickets $3.75 / Tube   Crickets $2.25 / 1/2 tube
Ice Pricing On Dock Ships' Store
Block $4.49 N/A
Large Bag - 22# $4.99 N/A
Small Bag - 7# $1.99 $1.99
Ice in both block and bagged is in stock and available for purchase at both the Dock and at the Ships' Store*.  
Pump-outs for your houseboat are available at our gas dock.  Dale Hollow Lake requires holding tanks on all rental & private owned houseboats - which is why our waters are clean and clear!
We sell only Non-Ethanol 90 Octane fuel at our dock as well as a Pre-Mix for 2-cycle engines.  Prices vary as our supply arrives.  We do not increase our prices between deliveries.
We gladly accept bagged trash at our docks so we can help maintain clean shorelines and lake!   

We also recycle aluminum, tin cans, plastic, cardboard, paper / magazines and newspapers as a part of our counties effort to keep Cumberland County and Dale Hollow Lake beautiful!
Propane is available for both the rental customers and private customers.
20# Tanks - $20.00
30# Tanks - $30.00
40# Tanks - $40.00
*Pricing subject to change
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