Here at Hendricks Creek we offer a variety of services - please check the links below or to the left for examples.


Dock Services & Sales
From sales of Bait, Ice and Fuel to trash collection and houseboat pumpouts, our staff is eager to service your need for your runabout or houseboat.
Tohatsu Engines Hendricks Creek Resort now sells Tohatsu Engines and parts.  We are excited to be a part of this family of outboard engines.  If you are interested in additional information about Tohatsu engines, please give us a call!  
Motor Shop Services
Motor Shop Services is set up in two categories - Service Shop and Motor Shop.  
  • Service Shop 
    • With a 5,600 sq. ft. building our capabilities to work on houseboats inside is the only facility on the lake - on site to service the needs of our customers. 
    • From pulling houseboats (up to 58') to welding, sandblasting, gel-coating, detailing and much more.  
  • Motor Shop
    • Our motor shop is a fully stocked store with items that are often needed for the boat owner.  From engine parts to batteries, bilge pumps, and much more - we provide the service or sell parts for the "Do It Yourselfers."
Ships' Store
Our Ships' Store is a fully stocked grocery store (in season,) souvenir, tackle, and the main office for check-in / check-out for your stay.
Private Cleaning & Services
We offer cleaning for private customers both inside the boat and outside your boat.
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