At HENDRICKS CREEK RESORT we are very concerned about our customers and their desires for clean houseboats and cottages, insects, bugs, etc. We also wish to meet their needs with respects to bringing pets.


In 2011 we issued a Gentler Pet Policy and now offer additional Houseboats and "Family Cottages" as “Pet Friendly” units.  Added to this list is our Plan 10, Plan 40, Plan 80 and our Family Cottages.


Pets create extra work and cleaning, and they also pick up fleas and ticks during their walks. While your pet may have had shots, take pills and/or wear a collar, they can still pick up fleas and ticks and transport them into the boat or cottage. Once inside the fleas and ticks fall or jump off the pet to be left behind, creating serious problems for our cleaning staff and/or future guests. Please understand, that during the warm months, flees and ticks are prevalent in the grass and weeds along much of the shoreline of Dale Hollow Lake.


If you desire to bring your pet, you MUST make advance arrangements with the reservation office. Pets are only permitted in certain houseboats and cottages. There will be a fee of $50 charged for the first pet and $25 for each additional pet, plus reimbursement for any cleaning or damages. Any evidence of unregistered pets found on board a houseboat or in a cottage will have a non refundable assessment of $500 for each pet plus any required costs for cleaning or repair.


At no time may pet(s) be left unattended in any houseboat or cottage.


Our personal suggestion is to arrange with a family member, friend, neighbor or kennel for safe loving care for your pet during your vacation travels.  While on the premises of Hendricks Creek Resort ALL PET(S) MUST BE ON A MINIMUM OF A 6' LEASH AND IN THE CONTROL OF AN ADULT!



Your cooperation with this policy will be very much appreciated.
Thank You for understanding.

Hendricks Creek Resort

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