Reservation Policy


To complete the confirmation of your reservation, the reservation deposit and advance deposit are due within ten business days from the date of your reservation request. The balance of rental is due at time of boarding, plus the appropriate Security Deposit.


Security deposits are due at time of check-in:

  • $750 for each Plan 70 and 90 Houseboat,
  • $500 for each Plan 40 and 80,
  • $100 for each Cottage, 
  • $150 for each pontoon boat, and
  • $300 for each runabout (an additional $150 will be due if trolling motor is requested with the runabouts.)


The security deposit (cash or credit card) will be refunded on clean, proper and timely return of all facilities and/or equipment without damage or losses.

The Resort will accept travelers checks, personal checks (verified) cash, Visa*, Master Card* and Discover Card* for reservation payments.  At no time will personal checks be held for security deposits


There is a fifty dollar ($50) service charge for each returned check.


*Credit Cards - use of a credit card will be charged a 3% convenience fee.  (Holds for Security Deposits do not require the convenience fee.)


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