How To Make A Reservation


Making a reservation is as easy as picking up the phone and dialing 270-433-7172 or 888-321-4000. Anyone that answers the phone will gladly help you out!


Here is a list of information you will be asked:

  • Dates you have set aside for your vacation.
  • The number of people in your group / party.
  • How many are adults and how many are children.
  • What boat plan or cottage type you would like.
  • From this point - you will be told if we have the availability for your party size and time frame.
  • Once we have confirmation the boat or cottage availability and you are ready to book your reservation they will ask for the following information and explain our procedures and policies:
    • The name the reservation will be held under.
    • Complete mailing address.
    • An email address (communication purposes only! We do not sell nor share your information with anyone!)
    • Phone numbers - the best to reach you in the event something needs to be confirmed or changed.
    • Will you be bringing any pets (There is a $50 non-refundable deposit for the first pet, and $25 for each additional pet you bring (see our Pet Policy  for additional information.)
    • Do you have a small boat that you will be bringing (see Small Boat Policy for additional information.)

You will then be asked for either a credit card number for the appropriate amount for the Reservation Deposit or, ask if you would to prefer to send a check, and let you know the total of the Advanced Deposit that will need to be in our hands within 10 days.  You do have the option of putting the Advanced Deposit on your credit card. (There is a 3% convenience fee for credit card usage.)


They will then explain our Cancellation Policy and the fees associated with canceling or changing a reservation.


Now that we have the information we need - we will ‘pencil’ your reservation in the appropriate date slot and hold it for ten (10) days, (unless, you pay your Advance Deposit with a credit card at the time of your phone call.)

Otherwise we will await the arrival of your Advanced Deposit in the mail. Once we receive your Advanced Deposit a confirmation letter will be sent either snail mail or email to you.  A self addressed / stamped postcard, or an email will be sent included reviewing our cancellation policy that is to be returned with your signature to finalize your reservation.


Now it’s time for you to prepare for your arrival at Hendricks Creek Resort and the vacation of a lifetime!


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Check out our FAQ page for additional information on items that you might not think about bringing.

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