We've never been houseboating before who drives the boat?

  • Our friendly staff will teach the designated captain and first mates how to operate and drive your houseboat. In addition you will begin at the forward and work your way to the stern with instructions on everything from starting the engine, generator, water pump, working the water slide to tying the boat up safely to the shore of your choice. (We've even included a ‘cheat sheet' on board to review in case you have a problem.)

Do I need a special license to drive a houseboat?

  • No, you do not need a special license to drive a houseboat.  Our staff will go through complete instructions with a Captain and First Mate upon your arrival.

I am bringing my own runabout, fishing boat, ski boat.  Do I need to have a license or any other type of 'registration' to be on the waters of Dale Hollow Lake?

  • No you do not as long as your boat is registered per your states rules and regulations and the sticker / paperwork is with you.

How can I get a brochure?

  • You can request a brochure simply by calling us at 888-321-4000, or by completing the Contact Request form found by clicking here!

What items are on the houseboat we have rented for our vacation?

What items are in the family cottages?

What items are in the king cottage?

  • Please click here for an inventory of items.

How much does it cost to rent a Houseboat?

  • Please click here for Houseboat Rates & Seasons.

How much does it cost to rent a Cottage?

  • Please click here for Cottage Rates & Seasons.

How do we reserve a Houseboat or Cottage?

  • We have several pages on this site that will walk you thru making a reservation to understanding our terminology.

How many people are allowed on the houseboats?

  • At no time may there be more than;
    • 12 on our 90 Plans
    • 10 on our 70 Plans
    • 10 on our 80 Plans
    • 6 on our 40 Plans
    • 6 on our 10 Plans
  • Limits on the number of people are based upon the Bare Boat Charter rules by the Unites States Coast Guard.

We would like to bring our pet, are we allowed?

  • We are pet friendly on certain boats and in our Family Cottages. However, there is a not-refundable charge.  Please review our Pet Policy by clicking here.

What items do we need to bring?

  • Food - however, our ship store does stock a variety of food items such as milk, bread, eggs, cheeses, meats (frozen to keep fresh and cut for grillin’), canned veggies, cereals, pancake mix and much more.
  • Condiments - ketchup, mustard, salt & pepper along with spices for those special recipes you whip up.
  • Personal bedding* / linen - sheets and pillow cases, towels, wash clothes, beach towels, soaps, shampoos, etc. 
  • We do supply pillows and blankets.
  • Kitchen t-towels, dish cloths, pot holders, dish soap, air freshener.
  • Water toys, mask, snorkel, flippers, rafts etc.
  • DVD’s for movie nights, board games, cards.
  • First Aid Kit
  • Life Jackets / Vests for personal use
    • (Life Jackets on the boats are for emergency purposes only) There will be a charge if they have been used.
  • Insect repellant, sunscreen
  • *Please note - personal bedding (sheets, pillow cases, pillows & blankets) is provided only for our family and king cottages however, not towels and washcloths or kitchen t-towels and dish clothes.

What time can we board and expect to 'set sail’ or get our cottage?

Can we float freely on the lake?

  • During the daytime hours yes, you can float freely on the lake - however all boats must be tied up to the shoreline at dusk.  With 620 miles of shoreline you are sure to find your perfect location to hide out during your stay.

We are staying a week, will we have enough fuel and/or water on our houseboat?

  • We ask that if you are staying for longer than 4 days you bring your houseboat in to our dock for a mid-week service which includes - refilling water tanks, fuel tanks, checking your propane tanks, emptying the waste tanks and emptying your trash.  This is also a great time to pick up those forgotten items in our Ships’ Store.

Why do we need to rent a small boat or bring a boat with us?

  • All houseboats must be accompanied by a small safety MOTOR boat in case of medical emergencies. Houseboats do not move quickly enough to get to help if someone is injured or gets sick.
    Personal water crafts such as wave runners, jet skis, canoes, rafts, sailboats, etc. are NOT acceptable safety boats.

Is there a launch fee or parking fee for our boat and/or vehicle?

  • No, Hendricks Creek Resort does not charge a launch fee, nor do we not charge a parking fee.  We are one of only a few resorts on Dale Hollow Lake that does not charge a fee.

We are bringing a small boat or a ski boat, can I leave my trailer attached to our vehicle?

  • We ask that you park your trailer in our trailer lot at the top of the hill and bring your vehicle down to either parking area during your stay. 
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