Hendricks Creek Fishing Camp, Inc. dba Hendricks Creek Resort
Current Ownership - Est. 1953

About Us - Our History


     Hendricks Creek was originally purchased by J. Fred Pace as Dale Hollow Lake was being built. Fred joined forces with Gordon Brown, Sewell Harlin and Claud Brown to developed Hendricks Creek Dock, Inc. in 1945.  In 1950, J Fred Pace and the three partners dissolved "Hendricks Creek Dock, Inc" and sold the property to George Hardin in February of 1953.  
View of area as lake was being filled - mid/late 1940's

View of hillside in 1953

Frank Brendel, Sr.
     Frank Brendel, Sr. an avid outdoorsman utilized a short term lease with George Hardin and ultimately purchased the current properties known as Hendricks Creek Fishing Camp, Inc. on September 18, 1953. This new venture was managed by "Red" Boyce from 1953 until 1960. Red was instrumental in overseeing the cottage construction and the addition to the Store, which at that time was a restaurant, bait, tackle shop and check-in facility for the sleeping rooms and cottages.
     In 1961, Frank "Bim" Brendel Jr. and wife Pat along with two of their children, came to Cumberland County from Canton, Ohio to manage Hendricks Creek Fishing Camp, Inc.  (Three additional children came along over the next seven years.)
     Hendricks Creek saw a World Record Smallmouth caught in April 1986 by Paul Beal.  Reeling in a 10.8 pound monster (on an 8# line) and the story goes Paul was ready to filet that fish until he showed it to Charles Shake – former manager at Hendricks Creek.
     While Dale Hollow Lake is known for the largest smallmouth bass in the world, it is also home to many other world class game fish.  Back in March of 1978, Porter Hash reeled in for forty-five minutes, a Kentucky State Record 51 inch 43 pound Muskie which is hanging in our ships store for all to see.  
     As times changed and the lake became a favorite for campers and boaters, houseboating was becoming popular.  Bim & Pat bought houseboats in the late 60's & early 70’s and built the rental fleet to as many as 36 over the years – the largest fleet on the lake.  
     During the past 50 plus years, Bim & Pat have spearheaded the operation to what it is today.  Over 1/3 of a mile of dockage, with 100+ private moorage slips for houseboats, 76 plus runabout / pontoon slips, a fleet of rental houseboats, pontoons, runabouts and fishing boats, expanded parking, a full size service shop for all kind of boat repairs and much more.  Over the years Bim and Pat have greeted 1,000’s of vacationing families at Hendricks Creek Resort, they have also been strong supporters of their local community. 
     In 2006 they were awarded the “Better Life Award’ from the Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities, for their involvement with our local nursing home, Cumberland Valley Manor.  Each year in the spring and/or fall, (weather permitting) a cruise is held for the residents of Cumberland Valley Manor.

     Dedicated to a Family Friendly atmosphere and Outstanding Customer Service the torch is being passed to the third generation as Bim and Pat begin their retirement days – overseeing the daily operations even though they aren’t on the “hillside.”  
    So if you are on Dale Hollow Lake in days to come, be sure to stop by and congratulate Bim and Pat for their dedication and accomplishments.
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