Fishing License Information
While Hendricks Creek Resort is located on the Kentucky side of the lake, we are only 3/4 of a mile to the Tennessee line.  When fishing you need to be aware of your location.  All shorelines are marked with State Boundaries.  In addition, when purchasing either KY or TN license you will need your social security number.  To speed the process if you have purchased a license in the past, bring it with you and all information will already be 'online' for your next purchase.

Kentucky Fishing License

Annual Fishing$20.00$50.00
Joint Husband/Wife Annual Fishing$36.00N/A
1-Day Fishing$7.00$10.00
Nonresident 7-Day FishingN/A$30.00
Nonresident 15-Day FishingN/A$40.00
Trout Permit$10.00$10.00
For additional information about Kentucky Fishing License and Rules & Guidelines 


Tennessee Fishing License
Tennessee had changed the way that they sell licenses for the 2017 year.  All sales are now done online.  Please click the link below to purchase your Tennessee Fishing License prior to your arrival.

Jr. Hunt/Fish$11.00
Annual Fishing - No Trout$50.00
Three-Day Fishing - No Trout$20.50
Three-Day Fishing - All Species$40.50
Ten-Day Fishing - No Trout$30.50
Ten-Day Fishing - All Species$61.50
Annual Fishing - All Species$99.00
Annual Hunting & Fishing Combination $33.00
Jr. Hunt, Fish & Trap (Ages 13-15) $9.00
One-Day Fishing $6.00
Annual Trout $21.00
One-Day Fishing - All Species $11.00
For additional information about Tennessee Fishing License and Rules and Guidelines 

Most Recent Fishing Reports

Fishing Report - 3/20/2014
The spring season is starting to play a major roll in the pre-spawn bite on Dale Hollow now.  Our water temp is ranging from mid 40's to low 50's depending on location in the lake.  Nice large mouth are being caught using Alabama rigs and swimbaits in locations like edges of flats, close to deep water and gradual tapered points.    Nice fish have been caught at the ends of trees and backs of creeks in cover along the shore line in the 10-12 feet range.  Small mouth bass have been following the deeper water at the edges of flats and suspending along rock walls next to pockets.  Bait choice is Red Hotlips, swim baits prefer White or Shad patterns,  Sexy Shad jerk baits are also working good.  I like throwing jigs in heavy cover, such as lay downs in creeks and in the backs of creeks. Live bait can also be effective in the same type of areas.  As the water warms a good strong bite should continue into the spawn.  
If you have any questions please give me a call at 270-427-0419.

Bobby Gentry

Fishing Report - 1/20/2014

We have had some extremely cold weather this winter on Dale Hollow.  The fishing has been maintaining a decent average on the fish bite.  Mid lake has been somewhat slow, but during the period right after the extreme cold days we had smallmouth move up shallow for a few days. Bite was good on swim baits, pearl white in color.  Large mouth were also shallow, locations needed to be where channels meet shallow flats.  Most of the locations in the creeks were spotty due to area's the shad were.  If you can locate decent shad balls, generally you could locate decent bass in them areas.  Jigs are fair to good, Olive/Orange in color 10-15 feet in depth and still maintaining areas close to creek or main lake channels.  Water temp low 50's, this should be a pretty consistent pattern unless we have another extreme cold period.  Cloudy days float n' fly has been consistent for some decent fish, mid creeks and pockets on main lake.  If you have any questions please give me a call 270-427-0419 or check out my web site  You can also follow me on facebook.

Bobby Gentry


Fishing Report - 10/21/2013
Water temp currently on Dale Hollow, mid lake has been running in the high 60's to low 70's.  Water temp, which we all know controls the bite and location of bait.  I have been finding fish located at the ends of flats next to deep water, approx 12-25 feet deep.  They have been decent on swim baits,  spinner baits have been effective on lay down cover and channels.  Shad are migrating more sore back in the creeks and small mouth are starting to follow shad.  Drop shots with finesse worms have been working on spots, large mouth and some small mouth, watermelon red flake has been my bait of choice.  I have been using swim baits with shad patterns or a plain pearl white swim bait with 1/4oz lead head or 1/4oz lead heads with grubs are good fish locators. Live bait bite has been decent and should continue through fall and early winter.  I also think you should be prepared to give the float n' fly bite an opportunity as this water continues to cool in the next couple weeks.  If you have any questions or need additional information please contact Bobby Gentry at 270-427-0419 or 


Hendricks Creek Resort is proud to offer the best fishing guide on the lake with Bobby Gentry.

Bobby Gentry 
If you haven't fished Dale Hollow recently call Bobby Gentry! He's a professional, Coast Guard Certified and Insured fishing guide with 30 years experience on Dale Hollow Lake. He's an expert in fishing for smallmouth bass and all other species of Dale Hollow fish! Bobby can pick you up at the Marina or from a Houseboat on the lake! 

Bobby has 20 years fishing and tournament experience on Dale Hollow Lake and is recognized as one of the best bass fishermen in the area. He is prolific in artificial & live bait as well as Float & Fly fishing in the winter months for mining some of the biggest fish in Dale Hollow Lake from its depths. 
Meet Bobby Gentry  
    Hi, I'm Bobby Gentry, and I'd like to share a little information with you about who I am and why Dale Hollow Lake & Smallmouth fishing has been a passion of mine for over 30 years. For many years one of my early idols was the late Billy Westmorland. I remember watching his TV show and hoping someday I could be a fisherman on Dale Hollow at least half as knowledgeable as Billy Westmoreland. 
I have spent time on Lake Erie, Michigan, and many other lakes across the United States but the average size of the fish we catch on Dale Hollow is unbelievable in comparison to the average size that you catch in other areas.  
 I have always been the type of fisherman that listens to what other fishermen have to say about the way they catch Smallmouth, but one very important thing that has helped me most of all is that I spend lots of days fishing Dale Hollow and remember what technique and method I was using when I caught a fish. I enjoy spending time with my clients and sharing the knowledge that I have gained fishing the Holler. I am trying to give them an advantage so they can catch fish on their own. What keeps me going is seeing young people and kids enjoying the same things that I did growing up fishing Dale Hollow Lake. I try to treat my clients professionally and with all the respect that I would expect if I hired a guide.
 I have been published in numerous magazines including Bassmasters, Basstimes, Game & Fish, Midwest Outdoors, Tennessee Sportsman, Tennessee Valley Outdoors and many others. I've made appearances at many sport and travel shows and also work on the pro staff with Punisher Lures. I fish out of Hendricks Creek Resort and have many other sponsors to whom I'm grateful for all the things they do for me so that I can pass along my knowledge to my fellow fisherman. I'm Coast Guard Certified and safety on the water is a my top priority. Having a good day is a close second, and if we do this we will catch fish."
To contact Bobby Gentry call 270-427-0419 or check out his web site at  You can also follow Bobby on Facebook
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